My First Week at Prettygate Dental: A Pretty Bear Story

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I am a happy bear now, a happy well loved Pretty Bear. But this wasn’t always the case, I used to live a very different life, and then it all changed. The world I loved was turned-flipped-upside-down, and I’d like to take a minute, so just sit right there, and I’ll tell you how I became the prince-ipal dentist-bear of a practice called Prettygate. My name is Pretty Bear, and this is a Pretty bear story.

It was the day after Halloween, 2016. Me and my best friend had gone on what can only be described as a serious sugar binge. The people of Prettygate sure are generous! And irresponsible, who gives that much chocolate and Haribo to an 8 year old and a bear… Anyway, I woke up with some serious toothache. It was bad, my left incisor was throbbing something fierce and I could barely finish my Ready Beark!

I needed help. So I waited for a free house, and then I made the call that changed my life forever. I spoke to a lovely lady called Joanna, she had a kind voice and she understood my problems though she didn’t quite understand that I was a bear… She booked me in for a same day emergency appointment, and so I got dressed and waited for the family to come home – I wasn’t going to walk there on my own!

I was nervous on the drive over; bears have a thing about dentists – don’t ask. However, when we walked through the door the waiting room was bright and clean and the staff were so happy to see me it was as if they had never seen a bear before! I had only waited a few minutes before I was called in to see my dentist, and he was so friendly, and so Irish, Dr. Gavin Barry had a very calming manner to him, and so I sat down in the chair…

I had to have a filling. Which I thought was just deserts for eating 16 snickers in a row. It was over in a flash! And I didn’t feel a thing! I felt invincible, and vowed to eat 16 snickers every day for the rest of my life! I told this to Dr. Barry who kindly informed me that this was a terrible idea, so I decided to save my snickers binges for Halloween, and my birthday and Christmas and Easter.

Dr. Barry was lovely and everything but he kept trying to convince me to take part in something called “An Iron Man”. I told him that I was just a bear with tiny legs, and so promptly left the waiting room. I felt bad and vowed to look into it. When I arrived back into the waiting room, I saw, to my horror, that I had been left; every bears worst nightmare… I was on my own, my world crumbled, and I started to cry.

It was at this point that time froze. It seemed as if every member of the Prettygate team was around me, all the dentists, hygienists and nurses were telling me that it would be okay, and that they would look after me, and that I could live here at the practice with them. After about two hours of attention and affection, I started to feel better. This would be a new start for me, I could eat all the snickers I wanted and nobody would moan at me. Except maybe Gavin…

I have now been a Pretty Bear at Prettygate for over a year, and I am living my best bear life. I am treated as royalty! As I should be. The staff are so kind, I even ran an Iron Man with Gavin! Albeit on his shoulders… Me and Joanna having regular karaoke sessions, and I’ve spent a lot of time with Yogesh, he’s great though he does drink a lot of Ribena… Dr Fernando is teaching me Spanish, Dr Fox is also an interesting character, I don’t like foxes usually; too grabby and loud in the Spring but I have made an exception with Dr Fox and now we are firm friends!

I honestly could not recommend Prettygate enough; I still sometimes wonder what happened on that day, but in truth, it’s been a blessing and I have never been happier and as like any bear would do, i’m going to be sharing my adventures with you on Prettygagtes Blog so follow us and watch out for the tiny bear stories that will be reaching you soon!  in the meantime here are some of my favourites:

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