Pretty Bear’s 1st Prettygate Smile Clinic! Smile Better With Whiter Teeth

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Welcome! To Pretty Bear’s 1st, and by no means last, Prettygate smile clinic! In this smile clinic, I am going to teach you how to smile better by keeping your teeth whiter, sounds simple enough, right? Yes is the answer, but you must follow my advice closely! Smiling is an important part of living, for bears and people alike (for you bears reading this, I am going to write a separate salmon-centric smile clinic peace for next week, so fret not). I also hope to prove that though I am a sarcastic bear, I am an altruistic bear as well. Agreed I am mostly sarcastic but still, smiling is good for the soul. Science has proven that even forcing the face to smile can facilitate the release of chemicals and neurotransmitters that make us feel happy! Without further adieu, it is my pleasure to announce the 1st Prettygate smile clinic, in session!

Get a pet and brush your teeth together

Getting a pet, a kitten or a puppy or a dagu or a…maybe not a snake or lizard or a spider (though everyone is different I suppose!) has been proven to have a tremendously positive effect upon the mind. From curing loneliness and precipitating happiness, pets are great. So, obviously pets are going to make you smile that is a given, but to really put the cherry AND the icing on the cake you should get a pet and then brush your teeth together. Why? WHY NOT! But seriously, brushing your teeth together with your pet will give you a whiter smile, your pet better oral health and I will eat my metaphorical bear hat if it isn’t fun. Though, please do not try this tip on anything poisonous, or with fangs…

Trade wine for gin and black tea for white tea

Wine is lovely. We all love wine, some of us love wine too much… Drinking too much of the Greek elixir, especially the red kind (arguably the best kind) can cause an unnatural staining of the teeth owing to its acidic properties, high sugar content and deep wonderful dreamy red colouring… It’s great but nobody likes having white teeth stained red: the wino look – I do not want you to have to hide your smile! So, swap your red wine for gin, gin is a clear spirit and won’t stain your teeth, nor will it rot your teeth as fast. If you do make the switch, you will smile better and more often, especially on a “sesh” because you won’t be so self-conscious and you won’t have to constantly ask “are my teeth red yet?” which is annoying. Annoying as hell.

Black tea does sadly have as bad a reputation for teeth staining as is attributed to red wine. The tannins in black tea can wreak havoc on your teeth and gums, painting your pearly whites a midnight black. Nobody wants that. So swap your black tea for a white tea, not only is the latter a powerhouse of powerful compounds, it also has catechins and flavonoids in it that are proven to eliminate plaque and protect your teeth and gums against infection and disease! It also has a lower caffeine content so you can drink twice as much! You’ll be smiling noon till night without worrying if your penchant for black tea is staining your smile.

Avoid the sugary stuff and eat more raw foods

Right, now I know it may seem like I am getting all preachy and just simply regurgitating information that we all already know, well, you are wrong…! Sugary foods will rot your teeth and your enamel and will turn your lovely mouth yellow and this is something that I, and your family and your loved ones and passers-by and basically everyone else does not want to see. Plus, sugary foods are bad for your heart and if you eat too much of them then you won’t be able to smile without worrying if that Snickers bar you just ate is going to make your tinder date turn around and run for the hills!

Raw foods have been scientifically proven to work with your mouth’s natural bad bacteria eating properties. Apples are an excellent example of this, the eating of said fruit can help to clean your teeth, as the skin is tough and abrasive whilst the natural sugars help to neutralize the bad stuff. However, eating an apple is not an acceptable replacement for brushing and mouth washing, the old adage “an apple a day keeps the dentist away” is foolish and should be ignored!

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed my first Prettygate smile clinic session, it is my aim with these sessions to provide you with helpful advice to improve your life. This week was smiles and white teeth next week it might be cake and weightlifting, who knows, I know I certainly don’t. Until next time!

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