Endodontic Dental Referrals

High-quality root canal treatments,

Designed for local dentists

Our endodontic dental referrals service was set up to help Local Dentists in Colchester with the most complex cases, wherein achieving successful endodontic treatment is challenging.

In light of limited options that are available to dentists who are looking for an expert endodontist, our service is now well established and we are proud to be helping help local dentists.  

Our endodontic referral service has a well-established reputation as one of the most proficient and trustworthy proponents of such services in Colchester. Our root canal referral treatments have an incredibly high success rate, giving local dentist’s the confidence that our procedures are state of the art and the materials used in our treatments are the best available to us. We take our endodontic referrals seriously so that you can be confident in quality care, and expert treatment.

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    Our Root Canal Team

    Passionate About Endodontics

    Our endodontic dental referral service has been evolving and improving for over ten years now; we have kept ourselves in line with both advancements in technology and best practice procedure. Our team has now expanded to include Dr. Fernando Vieira, who has a masters degree in Endodontics and a flair for complex and comprehensive endodontic treatments.

    Our Zeiss Microscope

    In 2012, we invested in a top of the range Zeiss microscope. This means that all of our endodontic dental treatments benefit from incredible accuracy; fine structures and minutes details are well defined and clearly visible. This microscope facilitates procedures that would have otherwise proved difficult and it allows our root canal treatments to be conducted with precision accuracy that is vital to the success (and the longevity) of the procedure in question.

    Dr Fernando Vieira  DDS (Por) MSC (Spain)

    Associate Dentist (GDC No. 199510)

    Dr Fernando Vieira graduated from the University of Fernando Pessoa in Portugal in 2004. He has a masters degree in endodontics from the Internation University of Catalunya and has for a long time been truly passionate about endodontic treatments. He has an impressive portfolio of endodontic work and an international reputation that precedes him. With an incredibly high success rate and an attention to detail that sets him apart from other dentists, Dr Fernando Vieira is easily one of your best choices when it comes to an endodontic referral in Colchester, especially if the case in question is particularly challenging or requiring of specialist skills.

    Endodontic Dental Referral Charges

    Make a Referal

    Initial Consultation








    Re Root Filling


    Why Choose Prettygate Dental for Your Endodontic Dental Referrals


    Professional Treatment

    We can help you with the most complex cases, wherein achieving successful endodontic treatment is challenging.


    Informative Care

    We work with your patient in an informative way, so that they understand the processes and intricacies of treatment.


    Patient Return

    We return the patient to your care with an enhanced probability of positive outcomes in complex restorative cases.


    Stress Relief

    We will take all of the stress off of you and your shoulders whilst providing professional endodontic treatment.

    In the case studies presented below Fernando has highlighted the latest research backing the protocols we follow to achieve predictable results for your patients. It is important in complex cases not to encounter any of the possible pit falls that can lead to problems. The cases highlight these possible difficulties and how they can be overcome.

    C RCT + fiber post

    Whilst undertaking root canal, having the tooth perfectly isolated with freshly prepared dentine, is a great opportunity to place bonded fibre or composite post and cores for future crown restoration (1, 2).
    These are less likely to cause root fracture than indirect precious metal post cores (3) and leave the referring dentist a superb base for crown preparation.

    The canal can be shaped with post preparation in mind to achieve the best long-term results for your patients

    Using the microscope magnification facilitates excellent surface preparation for bonding.

    The use of pre-heated composites allows perfect adaptation of post material for best retention (4, 5)

    Just ask on the referral form if you want a post prepared and fitted ready for your permanent crown restoration, or ask for more information

    (1) Nicola S, Alberto F, Riccardo MT, Allegra C, Massimo SC, Damiano P, Mario A, Elio B. Effects of fiber-glass-reinforced composite restorations on fracture resistance and failure mode of endodontically treated molars. J Dent. 2016 Oct;53:82-7

    (2) Guldener KA, Lanzrein CL, Siegrist Guldener BE, Lang NP, Ramseier CA, Salvi GE. Long-term Clinical Outcomes of Endodontically Treated Teeth Restored with or without Fiber Post-retained Single-unit Restorations. J Endod. 2016 Dec 7 (Ahead of print)

    (3) Bolla M, Muller-Bolla M, Borg C, Lupi-Pegurier L, Laplanche O, Leforestier E. Root canal posts for the restoration of root filled teeth. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2016 Nov 28;11

    (4) Magne P, Goldberg J, Edelhoff D, Güth JF. Composite Resin Core Buildups With and Without Post for the Restoration of Endodontically Treated Molars Without Ferrule. Oper Dent. 2016 Jan-Feb;41(1):64-75

    I Re-RCT + MTA

    A common difficulty in successful endodontics is a wide apical foramen, especially in anterior teeth. This can lead to difficulties in obturation leading to failure.
    Often these cases were treated by apicectomy and retrograde root filling, which was not the ideal for patient comfort and recovery. (1)

    Now with the use of the microscope and techniques in MTA placement it is possible to treat these cases with an orthograde approach (2)

    Here we have a wide foramen that has been successfully treated placing a 3-5mm MTA seal apically

    Patient are much happier to have this approach of treatment in these complex cases.

    (1) Del Fabbro M, Taschieri S, Testori T, Francetti L, Weinstein RL. Surgical versus non-surgical endodontic re-treatment for periradicular lesions. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2007 Jul 18;(3)

    (2) Kim US, Shin SJ, Chang SW, Yoo HM, Oh TS, Park DS. In vitro evaluation of bacterial leakage resistance of an ultrasonically placed mineral trioxide aggregate orthograde apical plug in teeth with wide open apexes: a preliminary study. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol Endod. 2009 Apr;107(4):e52-6.

    Multiple difficulties

    Sometime a tooth has many difficulties and pitfalls when it comes to root treatment, making the outcomes uncertain.
    The case here has difficulties of access and isolation due to position and subgingival decay, a second mesio-buccal canal (often impossible to detect without a surgical microscope) and severe curvature of the roots.

    A pre-endodontic tooth restoration has been done to avoid per and post operative leakage (1)

    The use of a surgical microscope enhanced the search of a present fourth canal, hard to detect without magnification (2), modern rotary instruments (3, 4) along with the latest irrigants activation devices (5) and obturation methods (6), make success in these cases more achievable

    Let us help with the complex underlying difficulties and return the patient to your care for the pleasure of the final restoration

    (1) Heydrich RW. Pre-endodontic treatment restorations. A modification of the ‘donut’ technique. J Am Dent Assoc. 2005 May;136(5):641-2

    (2) Buhrley LJ, Barrows MJ, BeGole EA, Wenckus CS. Effect of magnification on locating the MB2 canal in maxillary molars. J Endod. 2002 Apr;28(4):324-7.

    (3) Kiran S, Prakash S, Siddharth PR, Saha S, Geojan NE, Ramachandran M. Comparative Evaluation of Smear Layer and Debris on the Canal Walls prepared with a Combination of Hand and Rotary ProTaper Technique using Scanning Electron Microscope. J Contemp Dent Pract. 2016 Jul 1;17(7):574-81.

    (4) Cheung GS, Liu CS. A retrospective study of endodontic treatment outcome between nickel-titanium rotary and stainless steel hand filing techniques. J Endod. 2009 Jul;35(7):938-43.

    (5) Duque JA, Duarte MA, Canali LC, Zancan RF, Vivan RR, Bernardes RA, Bramante CM.Comparative Effectiveness of New Mechanical Irrigant Agitating Devices for Debris Removal from the Canal and Isthmus of Mesial Roots of Mandibular Molars. J Endod 2016 Dec (Ahead of print)

    PM RCT with very curved roots
    PM Re-RCT lower 2 canals
    PM RCT lateral canal
    I RCT + fiber post
    PM RCT + FP 1
    M RCT MB1 MB2 A
    I RCT lateral canals

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    "A Professional, relaxing and friendly practice"


    "I'm so delighted with Prettygate Dental, I've had a root canal and crown recently and am so happy with the service and result. It's such a professional, relaxing, friendly practice."

    - Mrs A Boyce, April 2017

    "Brilliant in every respect"


    "Been going to this very professional dentist for 26 years. Seen changes but still brilliant in every respect"

    - Sally Mays, February 2017

    "Care at its best"


    "I cannot give enough stars to this practice. I have always been a nervous patient, but the competence and professionalism of the staff at this practice are outstanding, which has enabled me to relax and not fear to go to the dentist as much as I previously did. Patients are treated with dignity and respect as soon as they walk in the door, from receptionist through to dentist and hygienist. If all practices took the same approach as Prettygate dental, everyone would be smiling. :-)"

    - Rachel, January 2017

    "Everything went perfectly "


    "The staff were a good laugh and knew that I was nervous, everything went perfectly and now my teeth are straighter and whiter 10/10"

    - Mr Michael Farah, September 2016

    "Mr Fox is a brilliant dentist"


    "Mr Fox is a brilliant dentist. His expertise and communication skills would calm the most nervous patient....reception staff are polite and helpful..."

    - Mrs Patsy Riggs, March 2017

    "I've never felt more comfortable at a dentist before"


    "Before I came to this practice I had always had trouble feeling nervous at the dentist. As soon as I walked through the door at Prettygate the staff was wonderfully helpful and calming. The Dentist I had as well was very supporting when I told them I may be nervous and made me feel at home within minutes. I'll definitely be returning."

    - Anonymous, February 2016

    "Very welcoming and totally professional"


    "I am a relatively new patient at Prettygate Dental, however, in that short that short time I have come to find the staff and practitioners very welcoming and totally professional. I have a young daughter and I will definitely be registering her here!"

    - Mr A Heifer, March 2017


    "Smiling staff, great service"


    "Smiling staff, great service - very happy again!"

    - Mr Dominic Tyler, March 2017

    "Very nice people"


    "After finding out I needed a root canal treatment I was devastated, as my previous dentist told me it would cost over 1000 pounds, fortunately, my son googled the treatment and local dentists, Prettygate popped up and at a third of the price! After an initial consult I was sold, the dentist was fantastic and very caring, I would absolutely recommend, still can't believe how much cheaper they are!"

    - Michael, March 2017


    "Staff very helpful and caring"


    "Since 2008 my husband and I have been attending Prettygate Dental. We have always been very pleased with the service received and found the staff very helpful and caring."

    - Mrs G Mcdowell, January 2017

    "My visit this morning changed my experience"


    "Had not been to a dentist for about 2 or 3 years and had to go with a very bad back molar, as like many other people keep putting off going to see the dentist.My visit this morning changed my experience it was really nice and friendly and the dentist was so patient with me and your lovely staff "BRILLIANT"

    - Mr Michael Farah, September 2016

    See all of our patient's stories!

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