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Here at Prettygate Dental, we have poured a great deal of care and attention into our dental implant treatments, because we know that having a missing tooth, especially a front one, can lead to social anxiety, pain whilst eating, infections and more.

How can you then resolve the issue of a missing tooth safely and efficiently? With a dental implant. The dental implant is superbly modern invention and has single-handedly revolutionised tooth loss treatment.

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    Losing teeth is, unfortunately, a part of life and can happen at any time. You can lose a tooth in a sporting injury, as a result of growing older, an accident, gum disease or just as an offshoot of rotten luck. Luckily, we here at Prettygate Dental are experts in tooth replacement and in the implementation of dental implants! The practice of dentistry has now come on so far that losing a tooth can be a minor issue, as all teeth can be restored to their former glory.

    So What is a Dental Implant?

    Learn more about the tooth loss treatment!

    A dental implant consists of a metal post or frame that is placed directly into the jawbone. This post is, more often than not, made of titanium which means that it is incredibly durable and of an extremely high quality. The implant post then is allowed to heal for around 6 weeks.

    At this point, we will discuss with you the construction of your brand new, custom-made tooth! It is interesting to note that a dental implant treatment is one one of the safest osseointegration procedures (the connection of living bone to an implant) around!


    Our dental implants are made to be perfect!

    When it comes to the construction of the tooth itself, your dentist will make sure that your dental implant matches the rest of your teeth exactly. Once your new tooth has been fitted you will enjoy all the benefits of your old tooth! It will enable you once more to have confidence in your smile, to eat and drink whatever you wish without the risk of infection.

    In addition to all of these benefits, a dental implant can be considered a permanent solution as it is exceptionally long lasting, and will be identical to the teeth that surround it! Nobody will ever know the difference.

    Nobel Biocare at Prettygate Dental

    At Prettygate Dental we use Nobel Biocare as our primary method of dental implant treatment. Formed in 1978 with a specialist leaning towards osseointegration, Nobel Biocare is an industry leader and is also one of the most reliable forms of dental implant treatment available today – it also prioritises patient comfort, which we love.

    With our extensive range of bone and tissue level dental implants, we are able to adjust each implant to your specific mouth ensuring that the comfort and feel of your implant are perfect and that no issues occur post-treatment.

    Eat, drink and smile, stress free!

    As we have said, the extreme quality of these implants often mean that just like normal teeth, they can survive a lifetime. However, the longevity of the dental implant is dependent on factors such as your oral hygiene routine, smoking, alcohol consumption and dietary factors.

    Our recommendation is to keep your implant as clean as is possible, so that it does not too quickly succumb to the effects of smoking, drinking or a high sugar diet! That being said however, due to the resilient nature of these implants, we include a ten-year warranty.

    Our Dental Implant Treatment

    What You Can Expect



    Book yourself a consultation, and you’ll be introduced to your dentist!


    Your dentist will assess your teeth and gums to ensure eligibility.


    Your dentist will then begin the dental implant treatment process.


    Your dentist will then create for you a transparent and simple aftercare plan.

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    "A Professional, relaxing and friendly practice"


    "I'm so delighted with Prettygate Dental, I've had a root canal and crown recently and am so happy with the service and result. It's such a professional, relaxing, friendly practice."

    - Mrs A Boyce, April 2017

    "Brilliant in every respect"


    "Been going to this very professional dentist for 26 years. Seen changes but still brilliant in every respect"

    - Sally Mays, February 2017

    "Care at its best"


    "I cannot give enough stars to this practice. I have always been a nervous patient, but the competence and professionalism of the staff at this practice are outstanding, which has enabled me to relax and not fear to go to the dentist as much as I previously did. Patients are treated with dignity and respect as soon as they walk in the door, from receptionist through to dentist and hygienist. If all practices took the same approach as Prettygate dental, everyone would be smiling. :-)"

    - Rachel, January 2017

    "Everything went perfectly "


    "The staff were a good laugh and knew that I was nervous, everything went perfectly and now my teeth are straighter and whiter 10/10"

    - Mr Michael Farah, September 2016

    "Mr Fox is a brilliant dentist"


    "Mr Fox is a brilliant dentist. His expertise and communication skills would calm the most nervous patient....reception staff are polite and helpful..."

    - Mrs Patsy Riggs, March 2017

    "I've never felt more comfortable at a dentist before"


    "Before I came to this practice I had always had trouble feeling nervous at the dentist. As soon as I walked through the door at Prettygate the staff was wonderfully helpful and calming. The Dentist I had as well was very supporting when I told them I may be nervous and made me feel at home within minutes. I'll definitely be returning."

    - Anonymous, February 2016

    "Very welcoming and totally professional"


    "I am a relatively new patient at Prettygate Dental, however, in that short that short time I have come to find the staff and practitioners very welcoming and totally professional. I have a young daughter and I will definitely be registering her here!"

    - Mr A Heifer, March 2017


    "Smiling staff, great service"


    "Smiling staff, great service - very happy again!"

    - Mr Dominic Tyler, March 2017

    "Very nice people"


    "After finding out I needed a root canal treatment I was devastated, as my previous dentist told me it would cost over 1000 pounds, fortunately, my son googled the treatment and local dentists, Prettygate popped up and at a third of the price! After an initial consult I was sold, the dentist was fantastic and very caring, I would absolutely recommend, still can't believe how much cheaper they are!"

    - Michael, March 2017


    "Staff very helpful and caring"


    "Since 2008 my husband and I have been attending Prettygate Dental. We have always been very pleased with the service received and found the staff very helpful and caring."

    - Mrs G Mcdowell, January 2017

    "My visit this morning changed my experience"


    "Had not been to a dentist for about 2 or 3 years and had to go with a very bad back molar, as like many other people keep putting off going to see the dentist.My visit this morning changed my experience it was really nice and friendly and the dentist was so patient with me and your lovely staff "BRILLIANT"

    - Mr Michael Farah, September 2016

    See all of our patient's stories!

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